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The Big Disco at Derby Feste. brought to you by Charity Shop DJ Productions

Who We Are

We are producer artists; we create inspirational and collective happenings that bring people together in a spirit of celebration and belonging.

At Charity Shop DJ Productions we believe the party is a forum for creative dialogue and collective experience.

The party – and its preparation - has the power to break down barriers between generations, cultures, and demographics; to connect, to celebrate and inspire, and to act as a catalyst for change.

Charity Shop DJ has two directors : Julie Cooper and Andy Jupp. We work with a team of professional DJs, artists and technicians in the delivery of our events.


As artists, we have creative vision. As thinkers, we plot and invent. As producers we craft creative results into a happening – a celebration, event - or something completely new.

As project managers, we deliver on time, within budget, and with ambition.

Our projects can have positive impacts on an organisation beyond the life of a project. Read Case Sudy of our work with Derby Museums. Read Case Study of our work with Derby LIVE


'Your Magic has had a lasting impact'


Charity Shop DJ Presents House Party

The Art of Partying: The Charity Shop DJ Approach 

Never underestimate the power of a party! Our happenings are vehicles which carry the creative contributions of place, community or organisation.

Find out more about Our Approach here


Our Story

It all started with a box of old records. Read Our Story Here

Our Mission and Values

Find out why we do what we do

'Charity Shop DJ  manages to be radical through the act of celebrating’
Jacky Fleming, cartoonist, artist and writer
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