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Gone but not Forgotten!

Charity Shop DJ at Derby Feste 2013

Charity Shop DJ Returns to Derby Feste 2013


We're joining forces with Derby Feste and Surtal Arts to celebrate the Centenary of Indian cinema.

Come and join our Bollywood Party in Derby Market Place - a chance for you to bust some moves Bollywood style! All are welcome to this FREE party to celebrate 100 years of Indian cinema. Featuring a fire show, live music and dance, an exhibition of original Indian cinema posters from Charity Shop DJ's own collection, Mumbai street bazaar - and DJs playing the hits of Bollywood.

Join in, learn the steps, and shimmy to Bollywood hits past and present.

Saturday 28th September 2013. Derby Market Place. 9pm - 12am


Contagious DJ Collective (formerly Red Cap Family) - live sounds from Bollywood Grooves - Javvani dancers - fire show by Flameoz - Dhol drummers (procession). SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE JUST ANNOUNCED! Bhangra superstars JK and Tru-Skool will be dropping in to perform their new single 'Puth Jattan De'.


Charity Shop DJ at Festival of Thrift 2013

Charity Shop DJ at the Festival of Thrift

Lingfield Point, Darlington 21 - 22 September 2013


Get ready to boogie - we'll be dropping into the Festival of Thrift very soon with our Choose Your Cheese emporium of lost vinyl.
Flick through discarded records recovered from charity shops, skips, and municipal tips; discover the memories locked in vinyl, and dance to the tunes you thought you'd forgotten. Create your own weekend soundtrack - and help us squeeze the last drop of value from our musical pasts.

We'll also be MCing the magnificent MultiThrifty Swap Shop. Bring your bric-a-brac and find something to love!

The first national Festival of Thrift is a FREE fun celebration of everyday living with upcycling, recycling and finding the sassiness in sustainable living! The Festival brings together the magic of upcycling and renewing vintage items, foraging trips with family and friends, how to keep chickens and bees, along with energy reducing initiatives and general style-tastic thriftiness.



Charity Shop DJ at Rude Food Fiesta

Rude Food Fiesta: It's a Bit of Mouthful!


Charity Shop DJ will be playing around in Birmingham on 14th September 2013.

The Rude Food Fiesta is a parody of the ubiquitous food festival and there'll be plenty to stuff in your cake-hole.
Where else can you partake of Glory Hole Pie, Pleasure Garden Pasta, Chocolate Balls, a disembodied Tuba Fanfare and a ukelele extravaganza? We'll be there with a rather rude Unlucky Dip, a Book at Bedtime, Dirt Box Jury - and a private pole dance performance with the fantastic Kate Spence. And not forgetting the Afters: an extra cheesy Choose Your Cheese experience... We don't expect there to be any leftovers.

Featuring Pop Up Dosa, Honeycat Cookies, Bearwood Pantry; gourmet pizzas by Edible Eastside; lewd cooking demonstrations courtesy of Kindle Theatre; whisky tasting, specially brewed ales - and more ...

Saturday 14th September. Edible Eastside, Birmingham 4pm - 11pm.

Special offer! The first 8 ticketholders to email on Wednesday 11 Sept will win a specal one-on-one dance exerience courtesy of the fantastic Kate Spence in collaboration with Charity Shop DJ.

Companis is three girls who delight in the absurd, the naughty and the down-right dirty, weaving this into their work of bespoke and humorous dining experiences which thoroughly chew and spit out the norms associated with eating, immersing the diner in a fusion of performance, food and spectacle.


Charity Shop DJ at the opening of Cast in Doncaster

Charity Shop DJ Celebrates the Opening of Cast in Doncaster

Welcome to our Housewarming Party!

Friday 6th September 2013 sees the opening of a brand new arts centre and performance venue for Doncaster.
Its first performance will be The Glee Club, set in Doncaster in 1962, written in 2002 - and never performed in the town until now. The play has a strong sense of place, as does the venue.

Charity Shop DJ will be there to celebrate the music of the town, as presented by its charity shops. Records - now remaindered in charity shops in and around the town, were once played in homes, in streets, at parties, and alone in bedrooms. They were loved, given as gifts, and have some of the life of the town in their grooves.

We'll be there to celebrate the music, the stories - and the people who bought the records.

Friday 6 - Sunday 8 September. After the Glee Club.

Party with Glee!


Charity Shop DJ at Vintage 2013

Charity Shop DJ Returns to Vintage!


Vintage will make its Scottish debut this summer as part of Glasgow's Merchant City Festival. This year, the festival will take over and transform Candleriggs, the Old Fruitmarket, and City Halls in Merchant City, Glasgow on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 July 2013.

Join Charity Shop DJ in The Leisure Lounge Tiki Bar, where we'll be curating an exotic and curious thrill of general groovy, psychedelic and tiki-flavoured fun. Think Butlins Ayr circa 1960 but with evocative exotic cocktails, food served from baskets and music from the DJs who know their Bacharach from their Pandit Ravi cover of Dear Prudence.

Pick out a Secret Single, Choose your Cheese and shock your friends and family. Settle down with a mysterious tipple and enjoy special guest DJ sets from a cornucopia of Scotland's finest collectors of exotic vinyl. Special sessions including irresistible ‘Caribbean Funk and Samba Rock' rhythms and ‘Protest Funk and Latin Soul' --and watch out for an impromptu performance from a Polynesian dance troupe.


It's all happening in the Candleriggs Bar from 11am and 6pm - and it's FREE !


Charity Shop DJ at the Trashcatchers Ball

Charity Shop DJ at the Trashcatchers Ball

Morley College. Sunday 21 July 2013 5.30 - 8pm

Charity Shop DJ will be serving up some choice charity shop vinyl at the finale of the Trashcatchers Ball project at Morley College.

Project Phakama UK and Morley College have been working with artists and an intergenerational group of 20 participants to produce the Trashcatchers Ball, first staged by Project Phakama at the Lift Festival in 2008 - also featuring Charity Shop DJ.

The project has been examining the environmental issues surrounding waste and consumerism and will create beauty from rubbish through the design, fabrication and animation of sculptures and costumes from discarded materials. Through workshops and a creative residency during Morley's Summer School and the project's finale - the Trashcatchers Ball - participants and audiences will be encouraged to reassess the beauty and use of the things that get thrown away and imagine a world where the lack of resources make this an imperative.


Be part of the party, dress up and add to the mix! Bring your favourite food with you, whether it's a packet of crisps or a three-tiered cake, and we'll bring the drinks.



Charity Shop DJ presents the Unlucky Dip at Glastonbury 2013

The Unlucky Dip at Glastonbury 2013

It's Back! Yukky-er and Unluckier than ever before...

The Unlucky Dip will be making an unwelcome re-appearance in the Avalon Field at this year's Glastonbury Festival. You've got your ticket. You've borrowed a tent. Now roll up your sleeves, screw up your eyes, and plunge into the murky depths of our Unluckiest Dip yet.

Find us at the House of Oddities.

The Unlucky Dip: It's Everything you Never Wanted - and Worse

Charity Shop DJ at the Chesterfield Arts Festival

Pick ‘n’ Mix Party at the Chesterfield Community Arts Festival 2013

'it takes allsorts'

Treat yourself at the Pick ‘n’ Mix Party: Allsorts of Everything for Allsorts of People.

Winding Wheel Ballroom, Chesterfield. Saturday 4th May 6.30pm – 11.30pm

We want to get Allsorts of people together from around our town. There will be dance groups. A bar. Live music. Special Guests. Dressing up. And roller skates. There will be guest DJs, including local MPs, hip-hop kids, DJs old and young - and Pick and Mix tracks where everyone gets to play what they want.

And it will all be pedal powered – just jump on a bike to power the music.

The party theme is " Sweetness " - what is sweet about where we all live? What are our sweet dreams for the future ?

The decor for the event is being made by people across the town. It’ll be a Pick and Mix of what everyone brings. Help us to make the party. Bring your friends, your family, and invite your neighbours. And you won’t have to spend all your pocket money – entry is free.

We're pleased to be part of the first ever Chesterfield Community Arts Festival!

Charity Shop DJ at Alchemy 2013

Charity Shop DJ Returns to the Alchemy Festival

Royal Festival Hall, London 11- 21 April 2013. FREE

Join Charity Shop DJ, Mrs Patel from South London and the Young Alchemists in a rickshaw full of memories and music.

Mrs Patel shares her record collection, which started life in India in the 1950s. It travelled with her to Kenya, and then in the '70s to the UK. Dig out your old Indian vinyl, bring it along and tell the Young Alchemists your stories.

At the close of Alchemy 2013, all the music you have brought in will help us create a party and a night to remember in the Clore Ballroom 5pm - 7pm. The party will be free and everyone is welcome.

The Rickshaw Full of Memories will be parked up in the foyer of the Royal Festival Hall from 11-21 April. It'll be kitted out with record decks and pimped up with flowers and sparkle. So jump in, take a seat, and go where the music takes you ...

NB: the rather lovely image to the right was painted by Mumbai-based artist, Swaroop Kaintura, whom we met recently. Find out more about him and his work here

Read the Alchemy blog here

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