Charity Shop DJ - Parties With Purpose

We create inspirational parties & events that bring people together to celebrate & communicate. We have always put sustainability at the heart of everything we do, using discarded charity shop vinyl to trigger memories and kickstart celebration.

From Village Green to the Royal Festival Hall - We believe the Party is an art form, a platform for creative exchange and collective experience. The Party has the power to break down barriers - to connect, celebrate and inspire - and act as a catalyst for change.

The People’s Party

The People's Party is not just another event; it's an immersive celebration of music, community, and individual expression. With its vibrant atmosphere, interactive nature, and bespoke experience, this is where the power of music comes alive. Let Charity Shop DJ guide you on a musical journey like no other, as you connect with fellow partygoers and embrace the joy of creating unforgettable memories together. 


Join us at The People's Party and experience a modern, engaging, and unforgettable celebration of music, togetherness and sustainability.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to harness the creative power of people and communities to produce unique, inspirational, and joyful events that connect people through the art of partying

We have three core beliefs:

If you would like to work with us, or discuss any ideas please contact us at: or on +44 7803 164394